Services By AgroSolutions
​AgroSolutions offers a complete collection of services designed to deliver the effortless devopment and management of small-scale agricultural systems. Our exclusive services allow our customers to enjoy the rewards of a fruitful and sustainable garden without the stress and hassle of planning, construction, and management. AgroSolutions provides initial planning and development services to fledgeling urban farmers as well as comprehensive management services for already established systems. 

Consultation and Site Evaluation​ 

​In order to help our clients to the best of our ability, AgroSolutions offers an initial Consultation and Site Evaluation free of charge. This initial visit provides the client with an opportunity to learn exactly what AgroSolutions can provide in respect to their specific needs. The initial site visit also provides a valuable opportunity for AgroSolutions to learn about the individual client and their needs so that we may develop the most appropriate plan possible. 

​During the initial Consultation and Site Evaluation we may  discuss
  • ​The type of crops suitable for your site and the ease at which they can be grown
  • The seasonality of your individual system
  • ​Your specific needs and the intended purpose for your agrosystem
  • ​Possible footprint optimization and sustainability
  • ​Optimal space utilization

Project Management

​​AgroSolutions will develop an individualized comprehensive project management plan to ensure that your agricultural endeavor unfolds in as smooth and seamless of a manner as possible. ​By taking advantage of AgroSolutions' exclusive Project Management services, enjoy  the assuredness of knowing that every detail in the planning and development of your project is being carefully accounted for. ​​​​Every successful project is rooted in careful planning, and your budding agrosystem is no different. AgroSolutions is here for you every step of the way; from planning, to execution, to long-term management and sustainability.


​​AgroSolutions will provide all basic* construction and manual services related to the development of your agrosystem. These services include but are not limited to
  • ​General Site Preperation
  • Vegetable Bed Construction
  • Irrigation Installation
  • ​Tillage
  • Sowing
  • ​Construction and Installation of basic structures
  • Ecological Pest Control
  • Ecological Footprint Optimization
  • Pollination Potential Optimization

​*AgroSolutions may provide any and all services deemed within its abilities by AgroSolutions LLC and its operator. Any necessary services required by a specific project which fall outside of AgroSolutions' abilities may be contracted out to a thir-party vendor of AgroSolutions LLC's choosing. Any and all services in relation to AgroSolutions' involvement in any project,  to be accomplished by AgroSolutions LLC or any other party, will be specified in written contract prior to the project's official start.

Ecological Footprint Optimization

With an overall goal of sustainability and environmental health in mind, AgroSolutions will prescribe different options and routs of action for proposed and existing gardens to ensure that these systems are operating optimally in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness. AgroSolutions may ensure the sustainability of its projects by means of​
  • Responsible Water Use and Irrigation
  • Runoff Minimization
  • Ecological Pest Control
  • ​Animal Friendly Pest Control (i.e. fencing, subsurface mesh, etc.)
  • ​Natural, Non-Toxic, and/or Certified Organic* Pest Control
  • Natural and/or Certified Organic* Fertilization
  • Composting

​*Any means of pest control or fertilization described as "organic"  by AgroSolutions LLC is assumed to be organic based solely on the presence of an official OMRI Certified badge on a product's packaging.
​Effortlessly enjoy the ongoing fruitfullness of your garden and harvest its lasting rewards. AgroSolutions may be contracted seasonally, annually, or on a long-term basis to manage existing gardens to ensure their sustainable operation and productive yield.  Seasonal, Annual, or Long-Term Site Management Plans may apply any combination of agricultural practices including those mentioned in ​Development and Ecological Footprint Optimization, as well as crop rotation, cover cropping, and soil integrity maintenance.

​AgroSolutions offers Ongoing Site Management packages on the following bases
  • Seasonal
  • Annual
  • ​Long-Term

Ongoing Site Management